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Losing 28lbs - Take Two - Oops!

Feb 25, 2013 12:00 am

It's been pretty quiet here on the weight loss blog front…. and that's because I totally fell off the wagon a few weeks ago. Life got hectic, and I wasn't organized enough to make the Lean and Green meals or keep a track of meal times. Like the lady above, I just couldn't face another skinless chicken breast!

But all is not lost - The good news is that I only gained about 2lbs while off plan, so I am still down 10lbs from my starting weight back in January. That means all I just need to lose a little under 9lbs to get back to 130lbs. Taking one day at a time, here are the tips I have to remember to get back on track this week:

1. Keep on top of my meal times - the mid afternoon meal is the one that's easiest for me to miss.

2. Drink more water - yes, it's the same old thing. I'm really bad at this!

3. Start making dinner early - and not fifteen minutes before I'm supposed to eat it.

I'll be back next week with an update. In the meantime, please post any low carb meal ideas in the comments below. As much as I appreciate the quickness of grilled chicken breasts, I need some new ideas!

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