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Losing 28lbs - Take Two, Week One

Jan 01, 2013 12:00 am

Week One is over, and I'm half way into Week Two. I gotta tell you - losing a smaller amount of weight is hard! I now understand why a lot of people are more or less constantly trying to lose 10 lbs. My oficial weigh in put me at 148.8lbs, so I'm trying to lose 19lbs, (or 18.8lbs to be exact), and it feels so much harder than losing 28lbs. My weight loss for Week One was 3.1 lbs, which wasn't bad, but could have been better. Christmas fell on Day 5 of my first week, which was a bit tricky. I tried to eat well, but didn't succeed staying totally on plan. I mean, last time I checked, home fries weren't on plan..... Oops! The main problem is that nothing is exciting and new this time around. So, here are four things that I think will help me stay motivated:

1. New Gadgets:  I am a sucker for gadgets. I have wanted an electric griddle for a while, but our kitchen is tiny, and there is just my husband, myself and our son, so I kept putting it off. Last week, I bought the Presto Liddle Griddler from Amazon. It cost $26.99, and shipped free with Prime. It's the perfect size for us, measuring around 15" x 10". I have to say, making pancakes on a griddle is a breeze! It's  really true that it's all about having a high, even heat. I haven't tried anything else on the griddle yet, and honestly, I don't know if I ever will! But being able to make the medifast pancakes for myself, and regular pancakes for the hubby and kid makes it seem worth it. 


2. Incorporate Exercise:
The Medifast program advises waiting until Week Three to start exercising. I never did any exercise last time, so this will be a challenge for me. I bought a Moms Into Fitness DVD called Core Fitness for Moms. It's my tummy that I really want to work on, because I never want to be mistakenly asked if I'm pregnant ever again! I like Lindsay Brin's DVDs; she's very engaging, and seems down to earth. I also like that her "back-up" team (what do you call them anyway?) look like regular people, not models. Who wants to be intimidated by a bunch of perfect looking people when you're clumsily lurching your way around your living room, drenched in sweat?! Another thing I like about Lindsay is how she has photographed and blogged her weight loss after each of her children were born, in a bikini!! It's inspiring to see a women confident enough to show her post-baby belly fat in all its glory!


3. Try New Recipes:
  As you may remember,  I love Sandy's Kitchen Adventures blog. This lady's recipes are a godsend! But there are a ton of recipes that I have never got around to trying, so I'd like to expand my repertoire over the next few weeks. I've heard that there are also several Atkins recipes that work well on Medifast with slight modifications. Of course, I'll post some pics and feedback of any new dishes. I don't need fancy, just quick and yummy!



4. Remember Why I'm Doing This: I have to remember that I'm doing this for me. It's to help me feel beter about myself, and make sure I stay healthy. I was so fortunate to survive heart failure after giving birth to my son, I want to make the most of being alive! I'm setting a modest weight loss goal of between 1.5lbs to 2lbs per week. Surely that's achievable, right? Do you have a weight loss goal that you're working towards? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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