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Missing Toy Pieces? No longer a Problem!

Jul 15, 2012 12:00 am

This is one of my favorite Frugalicious things - buying a toy at a thrift store or garage sale, or even new, but with a huge markdown due to a missing piece, and getting a replacement part to make it complete! The same goes for toys that you bought new, but over time, have come to be missing a piece or two. No matter how careful you are, bits just go missing. I'm sure some of our missing pieces were "mailed" in the diaper pail when no-one was looking. Here is a list of popular toy companies, and how to go about requesting a replacement part. You can find .pdf instructions for most toys as well.


Mattel and Fisher-Price:  These two companies share a replacement parts website. To buy a part, the first step is to select your country (US or Canada), then type in the name of your product. Available parts will be listed, with a pic, so you can make sure it's what you need. This is also great for baby gear - I once bought a replacement high chair cover, and the process was quick and simple.  If you prefer speaking to a representative, phone based customer support is available Monday - Friday, 9am to 6pm EST:

Mattel products, including Hot Wheels, Barbie, Electric Racing Sets, Radio Controlled
Vehicles and Radica Electronics :
In the US and Canada:800-524-8697

Fisher-Price products, including Baby Gear, Infant Toys and Car Seats:
In the US and Canada: 800-432-5437

Power Wheels Battery Operated Ride On Vehicles:
In the US and Canada: 800-348-0751

Computer based USB products and online games, including Mobile Device Apps, Apptivity, iXL, Digital Camera, Fijit Friends, iNitro Speeders, Hot Wheels Video Racer, and Barbie Designable Hair:
In the US and Canada: 888-892-6123


B. Toys: This company has awesome customer service! I emailed once when going out of mind over how loud a particular toy was, and not only got a prompt reply, but also a free gift mailed out as a thank you for my feedback! The company name has changed, it used to be Battat Toys, and they also used to make toys for the Parents brand.

B.Toys Customer Service 1-866-665-5524
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
Email including your phone number and address and write MISSING PART in the subject line with the name of the toy.

Alex Toys: Alex Toys is another company with fantastic customer service. I called wanting to buy a replacement door for a toy kitchen, and they mailed me out an entirely new kitchen, free of charge, with no proof of purchase required!
Alex Toys Customer Service: 1-800-666-ALEX
Email to


Leap Frog: The replacement parts listed for Leap Frog toys seems to be quite limited, with only USB cables, stylus pens and battery doors listed. However, a friend of mine recently had her Leap Frog toy phone replaced, free of charge, so it is worth a call or email to Customer Support if you have a faulty product. And, if you find your toy is too old to have replacement parts, be sure to check Ebay! I bought a replacement part for the Fridge Farm Animals set for only a couple of dollars.

Leap Frog Customer Support - 1-800-701-5327
M - TH: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST
FRI: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm EST
Email: submit through Customer Support page.

Melissa & Doug:
I couldn't find any information about replacement parts on their website, but try calling or emailing, as they have a good reputation for responsive customer service

Melissa & Doug Customer Service:  (800) 718-5365 M-Th 7am - 6pm Eastern or on Friday 7am-5pm EST.
Consumer Questions/Comments:



Plan Toys:   Plan Toys have their replacement part policy clearly listed on their website. Here is the information they require:

    1.    Product name and code
    2.    Batch Number (optional)
    3.    Name of part required
    4.    Purchase date and store name
    5.    Your name, complete address, and contact details
    6.    If it's a manufacturing defect, we'd appreciate a photograph of the toy to help our Quality Assurance and Engineering team research the problem. Please e-mail this information to:

Plan Toys Customer Service: 1-866-517-PLAN (7526)


Lego and Duplo: This is extremely cool, because who hasn't lost a lego piece! Starting at only 10 cents, they are literally hundreds replacement pieces available. For faster service, you will need to know the set number that the missing piece is from. If you don't still have the box, a quick google search will usually help you out, or try this lego guide. For example, if you have a Bob the Builder Duplo set, search with one of the character's names - Lofty, Dizzy, Scoop etc. I found the site a little tricky to navigate, so here is a link to the Bob the Builder sets to get you started.

Lego Customer Service: 1-800-838-9647


Mega Bloks: Mega Bloks have an online request form for missing or defective parts. You will need the model or UPC number. I googled the name of the truck on Ebay, and found one new with tags to get the number. Or, you could google the product name + UPC.
MEGA Brands™ Products Customer Service: 1-800-465-MEGA (6342)
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST

There are many more toy companies than the ones listed above. Every company has a website these days, and it's usually easy to find Customer Service information on there. Just google the toy company name, and the website should come up in the top results. If you have problems finding the contact info, feel free to ask for help in the comment section below! And if you have a story about your experience with a company, be sure to tell us about it!


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Having a very hard time trying to figure out a number to call for Disney parts? I have a tea cart I bought at a garage sale and trying to find a replacement part, and having zero luck not even on eBay :( do you know a number to call? Thanks!

i am having trouble requesting replacement parts for the mega bloks bag that comes with the wheels and car. it was a gift and the wheels are missing. the webpage wants a part number and there isn't one, i can even request the instruction to get the part number, i did that and was given the instructions for the table. help.

My lost the wheel to his Transformers Age of Extinction Mega 1-Step Bumblebee Figuregrandson. I would like to know if you have idea on where I might find a replacement for the back wheel. Thank you for your help.

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