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About Us

The Frugalicious Show is a fun web TV show and site that helps women offer their families the best possible life while spending the least amount of money.

On your first visit, you will learn about the best deals on everything you and your family needs. Visit frequently, and you'll learn how to live a Frugalicious life without sacrifice.

We're not just 30% off Baby Prada or Gap (although that sounds good, especially at 50% off!). We're all about what every mom needs. We do the work for you – we scour the web to find the best deals to save you time…and money.

Every week you'll see a new episode that shares budget friendly lifestyle tips – from your trip to Disneyland to shopping for the family computer. Sign up to learn about the hottest and up-to-the-minute deals in stores and on the web on items that every family needs. Follow our blog and visit our forums to connect with other Frugalicious folks and learn even more about saving money in your daily life. Heard about a great deal? Post it so other people can benefit from your Frugalicious know-how!

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